The Benefactors From Syria War

Forget all the conspiracy theories abound from the growth of the ISIS, forget any theory on why Syria crisis happened, if you just look at the list of benefactors from the crisis, it is evident as to the ulterior motives of nations across the globe that speak of peace on the one hand but then indulge in ruthless economics of war on the other!

Here’s a list of major benefactors from the Syrian war.

Bashar al-Assad

While the list opposing IS is massive, there are actually many regimes and countries that privately enjoy the benefits, existence of IS brings. The major beneficiary of all is Bashar al-Assad that protects the stronghold in Raqqa.

Taking advantage of not just the turmoil in Syria but in Europe, Bashar al-Assad does not mind bombing towns and cities with civilians so long as they aren’t harboring their own men. Even the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel was seen openly praising Bashar al-Assad suggesting an alliance soon after IS terror attacks raged through the heart of Europe, now that much of the refugees have made way to the continent.


The second largest beneficiary is Iran as it has managed to strong arm the west into getting itself a world accepted nuclear program after years of not receiving the go ahead from UN.

Soon after a norther Iraqi city fell into the grips of IS, the west began working with the mullahs of Iran to put an end to the IS threat. While Iran has spent a good year fighting the IS situation, all that has happened is the cementing of the sectarian regime in Baghdad, which is now protecting itself from any western interference.


Russia too isn’t far behind. Thanks to the developments in the Middle East all eyes are turned away from Russia’s recent and ongoing involvement in Ukraine. In fact, Putin has already managed to overturn several sanctions imposed by France against Russia. Why? Because France needs Russia to conduct coordinated airstrikes on Iraq and Syria. Funnily enough majority of the victims are not IS fighters but civilians.


Thanks to the world cameras concentrating on IS, Israel has happily gone on an expansion drive, committing brutal crimes in the process, which practically makes it no different from IS. For some time now it has actively worked towards the suppression of the third Palestinian Intifada.