My Journey to 6-Pack Abs, Fast!

fast absOne of my resolutions for 2016 has been to lose my belly. Too long have I suffered the embarrassment of not being able to go shirtless at the beach and feeling insecure about my looks, but not this year. This is the year I bring my abs out of hiding!

As I learned from TheAbsMan, the most important factor for getting abs fast is your diet. This meant a total overhaul of what I was currently eating and the introduction of a slick new eating plan made up of protein, carbs and healthy fats. I got most of my diet ideas here (link: How to Get Abs Fast: 6 Diet Secrets in 4 minutes) and swiftly began putting them into practice.

While the cravings for sugar were a little tough to manage at first, they did subside after about a week. Every day now I begin with 2 fried eggs on toast and a cup of coffee. This is a far cry from my usual bowl of cereal, but I already feel a difference in energy and don’t get hungry as quickly come mid-morning. I also introduced a daily smoothie which I have at 2pm. I use a handful of oatmeal, 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, 1 teaspoon of maca powder, a handful of ice cubes, a squirt of chocolate syrup and a dash of milk. As for dinner, I like to keep things simple and usually just use beef, chicken or fish together with some veggies and complex carbs, like sweet potato.

My exercise regimen currently consists of cardio ~3 times a week together with 30-40 minutes of weight training. I use a combination of body weight exercises (push ups, dips, pull ups) and free-weights. I (purposefully) don’t do much direct ab work and instead use my time to focus on compound ‘pushing’ and ‘pulling’ movements as science shows this is the best way to ditch fat. I do 3-5 sets of 5-6 exercises for between 5-12 reps.

As for results thus far, you’ll be pleased to hear that I have lost 4.5kg to date. Not bad for 4 weeks, eh? I plan to continue my current routine and hope to get down and ~15% body fat before summer, which should (hopefully) mean that I can start flaunting my abs, whoop-whoop!

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