Weapon Makers Celebrate Profits Reaped From Syria & ISIS Crisis

A recent conference in West Palm Beach had representatives of several major defense contractors congregate and the main topic on their agenda turned out to be “gloating on benefits reaped from the on going crisis in Syria”.

Firms such as Lockheed Martin, Oshkosh, Raytheon were all present for this conference and their celebration wasn’t contained with the fact that conflicts are growing in Africa and the middle east. In a speech by Bruce Tanner, the Executive Vice President for Lockheed Martin, the situation was brought to light as he openly applauded the benefits indirectly received by defense contractors thanks to the war in Syria. It is this speech that was partially caught on audio by a delegate present which flooded the internet just hours after the conference finished.

In an off camera interview an employee from Lockheed Martin was found comparing the sale of the best karaoke machines during Christmas to arms sales during a global crisis, specifically one like down in Syria. “When you make the best products, of course the world wants it, throw in a sudden rise in demand and they take everything you got”.

Tanner is caught discussing the issues plaguing Middle East such as the conflict between Turkey and Syria and pointed out how directly such conflicts mean better sales figures for his company. His words were, “an intangible life” and no it wasn’t a critical review of a movie but rather a dire situation that is developing in the Middle East and North African countries.

Then in another speech caught on audio, Oshkosh president delivered more celebratory lines suggesting that the growth of ISIS and their threat has compelled many countries to purchase Oshkosh designed and made M-ATV vehicles.

Not to be left behind, the Chief Executive Officer of Raytheon, Tom Kennedy commented that his company too was seeing a major increase in defense solutions from many countries in the Middle East. It is everything that is going on over there be it Iraq, Syria or with ISIS that is contributing to our growth.

Alongside such celebrations was yet another cause to toast – the recent award of $607 billion budget from the government to the defense sector. As Tanner put it, the programs these companies are engaged in is really supported by the nation’s budget.

I wonder what happened to healthcare then?

Listen to the audio clippings from the conference here.